EX. represents ex marks the spot as was designed by our creator while going through 15 months of breast cancer treatment after all the treatment and operation marks. EX raises funds through sales for breast cancer research. That is the reason it started. EX was started as a fundraising idea, something sustainable that can give long term. Designed and created by a hairdresser.

Most of our $’s goes into what is in the bottle. Every product was and is developed and trialled in a real life working Perth salon. Created via real salon client’s feedback. Being small we needed to know that once someone tried they really wanted to keep using because there is no flashy expensive magazine ad prompting them again. Only the thought of “that was great, have to get again” Remember The salon EX is trialled in was a Kerastase salon for ten years. That salon now sells double the volume it used to with EX. Have a read of the feedback below to see why.

EX offers regional exclusivity to full stockists. We are salon background, we know the frustration of salon owners when 8 out of ten salons on same street are all supplied the product you are carrying. We respect the support our salons give us. Yes we have conditions for this but grow with us and reap the rewards. Your clients will not be walking past ten other salons carrying the same product.

Our support extends online where your salon does not get cut out of the loop like most suppliers do. We utilise a unique information capture system during check out to determine if the purchaser is a full EX salon client or was referred by an EX salon. Salon clients cannot always get back to your salon when they run out so they will either purchase somewhere closer or jump on line. If online our system allows us to credit your salon the retail profit from those sales as opposed to you doing all the work and the supplier taking the reward. Our exclusivity also ensures that if not online they will more than likely come back to your salon.

We are a small boutique local company which in itself offers exclusivity in the brand and exclusivity helps build business. Carrying the same product every other salon carries does not offer this unique opportunity to grow your business and help you stand apart from everyone else. Your customers will come back to you for what you offer.

Our range is vast and we are flexible in what we offer. Salons can carry certain collections or all depending on requirements. We cover the basics like colour, volume etc plus a few luxuries like Dragons Blood.

EX is made in Australia and 100% Australian owned. All the money stays in Australia supporting the economy that supports yours. Unlike the multinational brands which salons support and their investment spend going offshore. We are very pro keep it here.

EX is Cruelty free, Vegan , Sulphate, Paraben free and Dioxane free. Our active ingredient base is mainly native Australian and sourced here in Australia. Australian native ingredients are highly acclaimed. Even to the point that some people believe they are purchasing an Australian product (because of ingredients used) when in fact they are an overseas company and made in places like USA etc. Just because the ingredient is native to Australia does not mean it was sourced here like ours.

So in summary if you are looking at a high quality natural based product your clients will love and keep coming back to you for, let us know. Don’t believe us? Check out what people are saying. All of these comments are freely available on review pages and many more have been added since preparation of this post.

If you have a salon and would like to trial the EX Range just let us know.

Thanks for reading :)


“Loved the Ah La Natural range. I'm a stay at home mum with 2 little ones and don't get time to do my hair but this product makes my hair feel like I've been to the salon. I also used the Ecodetoxer after washing and before blow drying my hair. Thank you”

“Have used the Eco detox shampoo, volume condition and scrunch spray. Well best hair day ever. I can see myself loving the whole range. Thank you”

“Love love love these products! They smell great, my hair is clean and styles awesome! The detangler is great! Will always use these products now :)”

“Best product Iv'e ever used in my hair de tangling with ease no trouble and the smell so unique love it. Thank you”

“I recently purchased some product Colour Shampoo and Colour Conditioner, all I can say is wow, my hair feels so healthy and my colour is still looking amazing. I love that I'm supporting local businesses whilst using a natural product.”

“Absolutely loved my EX.Hair care product i really noticed the difference while blow drying my hair ' so smooth and my hair looks so much healthier highly Recommend EX.Hair Care thank you”

Why Ex Hair Care for your Salon?