The EX• Hair care range has a reason why. 

It began 31 years ago - a hairdresser with a dream. I learnt my craft from giants in the industry and then built an upmarket, boutique hairdressing salon making a difference to people; the way they look, the way they feel. 

Then a life event changed everything, but I decided to turn my problems into a project. An up-market, stand-alone hair care range with a vision of maintaining an ethical approach to hair care. While undergoing treatment for breast cancer i decided to develop a professional pro hair care range used and developed by a real hairdresser on real clients using their feedback so it actually works. We decided to use mainly Australian made organic botanical ingredients. The name/logo comes from X marks the spot after all the operations and treatments where X marks were used, and we still support breast cancer research today via donations and sponsorships.

We’d avoid parabens, triethanolamine, dmdm hydantoin, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, dioxane and of course sulfate.

We pride ourselves in upholding good ethical and moral standards. EX• is vegan friendly and animal cruelty free. Being concerned with the welfare of animals, we use no animal-derived ingredients or by-products except for beeswax. All ingredients are predominantly plant or flower derived and each product we develop must be safe and of the highest quality possible.

We sourced reputable biochemists and product formulators and tested the products on our beautiful clients, our friends, our family, and ourselves, to create a beautiful range of hair care products that does what it says.It is still trialed and tested in a real hair salon today.

The range was developed from the end users perspective. What they wanted, what YOU wanted. Not glossed over with fancy images and hyped up claims. The EX• Hair Care range has been literally developed in a real life hair salon from what real life people wanted for their hair. The product in the bottle was what people wanted and it had to work, so that is what we delivered. For salon stockists please email us your location.
Please join us in our quest to make a difference. 

Hair products For Hair That Cares. - Caroline Outten

Vegan friendly
Australian Made
Recyclable bottles
Not Tested on Animals